Tanggaarden Endelave

Tanggaarden Endelave

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Tanggaarden Endelave is a food and nature experience that offers a unique seaweed safari along the beautiful coastline of Endelave. During the seaweed safari, you will have the opportunity to learn about the different types of seaweed and their uses in both cooking and health.

The seaweed safari starts with a short introduction to seaweed and algae and how they play an important role in our ecosystem. Then it’s off along the beach, where an experienced guide will show you the different types of seaweed that grow in the area. You’ll learn about their flavour, texture and nutritional properties and get inspiration on how to use them in your cooking.

The seaweed safari also includes a tasting of different seaweed dishes and drinks prepared by Tanggaarden Endelave chefs. You’ll be surprised at how tasty seaweed can be, and you might even discover new favourites among the different seaweed species.

A seaweed safari at Tanggaarden Endelave is a fun and educational experience for anyone interested in cooking and nature. It’s also a great way to experience the beautiful coastline of Endelave and gain a unique understanding of the ecosystem that surrounds us.


At Tanggaarden Endelave, we also offer a range of exciting seaweed events designed to give our guests a unique and memorable experience. Our seaweed events include everything from workshops and cooking classes to seaweed safaris and tastings.

One of our most popular seaweed events is our seaweed workshop, where our experienced guides will take you on an exciting tour along the coast and teach you about the different species of seaweed. You’ll have the opportunity to collect your own seaweed and learn how to use it in your cooking.

We also offer seaweed tastings, where our chefs will prepare a variety of dishes with seaweed and present them to our guests. You will learn about the different flavours and textures associated with different types of seaweed and get inspiration on how to use seaweed in your own cooking.

Finally, we also offer cookery classes where our chefs will teach you how to prepare delicious dishes with seaweed. The courses are designed for both beginners and more experienced cooks and include a wide range of recipes and techniques.

Whichever seaweed event you choose at Tanggaarden Endelave, you are guaranteed a unique and exciting experience that will expand your culinary horizons and give you a new perspective on the amazing world of seaweed and algae.

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An experience you won't forget

Tanggaarden Endelave – where nature and gastronomy meet to create unforgettable flavours and a unique understanding of our ecosystem